Top Services That Deliver Dairy-Free Meals
Feb 22, 2024 By Nancy Miller

More and more people are opting for dairy-free diets for different reasons, including sensitivities, allergies, and ethical and environmental considerations. But, it may be difficult to locate tasty and nutritionally balanced meal selections, especially if you lead a hectic lifestyle. Those with a dairy allergy or intolerance are in luck, as several meal delivery options are available. Pre-portioned cups that are simple to heat up or blend are just one of the many convenient features offered by these meal delivery services. Other options include vegan, organic, and gluten-free dishes. Vegan, paleo, and keto, as well as high-protein options, are available from the leading dairy-free meal delivery providers.

Time is saved, the burden of meal planning as well as grocery shopping is lightened, and a well-rounded, nutritious diet is guaranteed when you use a meal delivery service that does not include dairy products. As a result, it's a great choice for people who are too busy to shop, prepare, and clean up after their meals. We'll go over the top dairy-free meal delivery companies and the features and benefits of each one. These programs offer a simple and easy way to stick to a dairy-free diet, whether you're doing so because of a medical condition or because you want to eat better.

Purple Carrot

Regarding dietary restrictions, plant-based food delivery service Purple Carrot has you covered. Professional chefs conceived all of the tasty options on their menu, which are all high in fiber and plant-based protein. Their weekly menu is full of unique and interesting options, such as seitan shawarma as well as Korean bibimbap.

Sun Basket

Meals for those with special dietary needs can be ordered via Sun Basket, a meal delivery service. Coconut milk and almond-based sauces are just two examples of the high-quality organic ingredients that go into making delicious dishes on their dairy-free menu. Consumers can mix and match ingredients from different recipes, including Thai coconut curry with wild-caught fish, to create unique dinners.


Veestro is an all-vegan meal delivery service that provides dairy-free alternatives. Their food is made from organic, non-GMO ingredients and is designed to be nutritious and tasty. Choose from a la carte, losing weight, or high protein meal plans, and tailor each dish to your specific dietary needs and preferences. You can choose from delicacies like quinoa, kale salad, or eggplant cassoulet at Veestro.

Fresh n' Lean

Meals delivered by Fresh n' Lean can be customized to omit dairy and gluten. High-quality organic ingredients are used to make tasty and healthy meals. Vegan and paleo meal plans are available, and customers can also tailor their meals to their own needs. The menu at Fresh n' Lean is extensive, with options including roasted veggie quinoa bowl and spicy Jamaican jerk tempeh.

Splendid Spoon

Dairy-free options are available through Splendid Spoon, a greenhouse meal delivery service. Their pre-portioned cups of healthy food require a microwave to be ready for consumption. Breakfast, lunch, as well as dinner are all available, and diners can select a package that best suits their needs and interests. Green monster quinoa bowl and Mexican tomato soup are just two examples of the many tasty options available at Splendid Spoon.

Green Chef

The gluten-free and dairy-free alternatives are available through Green Chef's meal delivery service. The organic components they use in their cooking are both healthy and tasty. Clients can choose from various meal plans, such as keto and paleo, including making dietary adjustments to their meals. Green Chef serves various tasty meals, like crispy potato, veggie hash, and Moroccan-spiced tofu.

Daily Harvest

Vegans and those avoiding dairy may appreciate the variety of options Daily Harvest's plant-based meal delivery service provides. Its pre-portioned cups can be blended or heated in the microwave in a flash, making them ideal for quick, healthy meals on the go. Smoothies, harvest bowls, and soups are just a few examples of the customizable meal options available to customers. In addition to its kale and sweet potato flatbread, Daily Harvest also serves a carrot and coconut curry.


For those who have to avoid dairy but still want to eat well, meal delivery services that cater to special diets are a great resource. The finest services allow customers to specify their preferred diet and provide a wide variety of options, including plant-based, organic, as well as gluten-free meals. Customers can save time and effort on meal preparation with the help of these services, which are both straightforward to use. There are various dairy-free meal delivery services to choose from. Some offer a 100% plant-based choice, keto-friendly meals, and pre-portioned containers for on-the-go convenience.