The Top 6 Toothbrushes of 2022
Nov 14, 2023 By Madison Evans

Most people don't include dental care in their beauty regimen. (Or perhaps you already are, in which case you're miles ahead of the competition.) Regardless, here is the truth: The appearance and condition of one's teeth are important to many people since dental problems may cause a lot of discomforts and possibly lead to pricey clinic visits.

So, the ideal strategy is preventative care for your mouth and teeth. Because of this, you should make brushing your teeth and flossing your teeth cute if you have to do it at least twice a day.

We are happy to announce that the oral care category will return for the 2022 SELF Healthy Beauty Awards. From the most refreshing mouthwashes to very successful at-home whitening treatments, you can discover everything you need to replenish your medical cabinet right here.

Burst Oral Care Water Flosser

All of our testers, from seasoned flossers to those who had never used a water flosser before, gave this model great scores. It's cordless so that you can take it anywhere (even if you're wedded to your water flosser and refuse to go a single night without it), and it can withstand being submerged in water. Burst suggests using it in the shower since it saves time and, potentially, less mess.

"My first time water flossing—game changer!!!" said one participant. For a first-time user, you won't be disappointed in this product's simplicity, attractiveness, or efficacy. The product's bright purple color and happy face designs brighten my dreary bathroom.

The only drawback is that you must replenish the water tank once to rinse your mouth fully. Nonetheless, this product will remain a staple in my daily dental hygiene practice.

Most Effective Floss: Bite Dental Floss

This future-forward floss is made of sustainable materials and may be reused several times before being composted.

Flossing is important for your teeth and gums, and it's great that you want to reduce your environmental impact by using less of it. The floss from Bite is fine and will reach even the most inaccessible areas of your mouth.

Credibility points, according to the authorities: The candelilla wax used to make this floss is cruelty-free. Dentists have told us that waxed floss makes removing food debris from tight places between teeth easier.

Best Mouthwash: Tend Tonic

Trend is trying with this new product to take the traditional product of cleaning one's mouth, the mouthwash, and make it hip and modern. They are doing well by our standards.

This mouthwash retails for $28, which is more than you'd pay for anything you'd buy in the pharmacy section. However, the glass "decanter" is reusable, and refills come in little aluminum tins, lowering the cost of each refill to $8.

With its mildly minty aftertaste and gentle composition on sensitive teeth, this mouthwash might be the final push you need to include daily flossing into your dental hygiene regimen.

Those with dry mouths or sensitive teeth and gums will appreciate that this mouthwash does not include any alcohol, as recommended by dental professionals.

Crest Whitening Emulsions + Overnight Refreshment

Have you had enough of slimy strips dissolving in your mouth? This Crest Whitening Emulsion is available now. You may be wondering, "What exactly is an emulsion?"

It's a gel you put on your teeth and forget about for a while. It's suggested that you apply this therapy while you sleep; after a few regular applications, you can see a difference.

Credibility points, according to the authorities: Hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient in this at-home therapy.

Colgate Hum Sonic Toothbrush

Now that drugstores have Colgate's Hum brand, smart toothbrushes are within everyone's reach. This battery-operated toothbrush is great for people who enjoy habit tracking, as it includes an accompanying app that allows you to track how often and for how long you brush your teeth. It's also great for encouraging your adolescent or younger child to establish a regular toothbrushing routine.

Prestige 9900 from Philips Sonicare

Since an electric toothbrush can rotate at a physically impossible rate for a human to match, it will almost always be more effective than a manual toothbrush. Although you don't have to buy the most expensive electric toothbrush available to reap the benefits of brushing, doing so can positively impact your oral health.

The 9900 Prestige is the premium model, with instantaneous feedback on your brushing technique (pressure, motion, and more), a travel case for charging on the go, and a companion app driven by artificial intelligence. Use this brush if you're serious about your oral hygiene.