Top 5 Meditation Apps For 2023
Jan 17, 2024 By Madison Evans

As life gets chaotic and stressful, it may be challenging to master the art of meditation, which is a terrific method to concentrate and center oneself. Along come the meditation apps: electronic tools with 1-minute or 30-minute guided meditation sessions. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned master, these applications may make meditation more straightforward.

We have selected the top meditation apps based on factors such as evidence-based design, expert engagement, practitioner level, simplicity of navigation, range of meditations provided, and pricing. Make use of this directory to zero in on the most suitable option.

What Exactly Is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice in which one employs methods to train one's attention and awareness inward, either on oneself, a thought, an object, or an activity. Meditation is a time-honored technique people of many faiths and traditions use for enlightenment and growth.

Some people have, over time, switched their attention away from the spiritual advantages of meditation and toward the physical and mental health benefits. Consistent application of the methods may yield both immediate and lasting health advantages.

Even yet, mastering a brand-new competency can be challenging, especially if you lack the motivation or drive to start. There is no one "wrong" method to meditate, but it might be helpful to have a guide or app to help you get started.


You can train your mind to relax and fall asleep more soundly in just 5 minutes every day with the help of a personal mindfulness coach. Lynne Goldberg, a mindfulness coach, offers a series of guided meditations, motivational speeches, and master courses on her website, Breathe, to assist her clients in dealing with stress and anxiety and finding more happiness in their lives.

Learn how to have a better night's sleep with the help of the app's sleep music playlists, natural sounds, and relaxing bedtime readings. Following a free trial period of 14 days, the monthly subscription for the Breathe app is $12.99.


Headspace's daytime guided meditation and mindfulness practices might help you feel more at ease and control your life. Try one of their new sleep meditations, which may consist of music, natural sounds, or a tale, before you turn in.

You may learn the basics of meditation and go from there with the app's help, which creates individualized schedules depending on the information you provide. Free access is provided for 14 days. Then, the yearly fee is around $70, divided into 12 monthly payments of $13.


Calm is a multi-award-winning software that provides breathing exercises and other relaxing methods to help you unwind. For children aged 3 to 17, there is a special area called "Calm Kids." Many well-known performers, like Matthew McConaughey and Jerome Flynn, lend their voices to the Sleep Tales available here.

The Apple Watch now features additional breathing exercises, mindful walking meditation, and soothing activities, all of which can be accessed for a more thoughtful experience whenever you want it. You may try it risk-free for a week.


If you enjoy trying new things, you might want to apply that mindset to your meditation practice by experimenting with different breathing intervals, session lengths, breath cycles, etc. The app gives you complete control over your meditation experience, allowing you to tailor everything from the length of your session to the proportion of time spent on each breathing method.

Anybody searching for basic deep breathing exercises will find this app invaluable, as it includes predefined breathing routines. Inhale and exhale as instructed. This is great training for those just starting or needing a quick break. That's not even the greatest part! All of the functions may be accessed without paying a dime.


Regular breathing and meditative breathing serve different purposes. A sense of mastery over your breathing during meditation and the subsequent benefits may take some time to develop and require regular practice.

If you want to get the most out of meditative breathing, this app will teach you how to do it "right," including how to hold your breath for up to 30 seconds and inhale and exhale for even a little amount of time. Free versions of the app are available.


You may tap into the therapeutic effect of meditation with the aid of the applications above. Headspace is our top pick because it has everything you could want in a meditation app: guided meditations, sleep and nature sounds, soothing music, self-help classes, and more.

Use Insight Timer if you're short on cash but still curious about the benefits of meditation and how meditation applications function. Thousands of meditations are available online for free, so you may delve headfirst into the practice without breaking the bank.